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Renderings of the Electronics Box Final Version

3.6.3 poster
Final version 3.6.3 in exploded view as poster (154k).
[ or as big poster size (377k)]

3.6.3 boxes on dewar
Final version 3.6.3 with both boxes on dewar.
Dewar rendered with transparent materials so its inner structure is indicated (112k).

3.6 boxes on dewar
Rendering of both of the v. 3.6 boxes as they will appear on the dewar. This rendering was done to check support clearances (89k).

3.6 boxes top view
Top view of the previous setup. Please excuse the lighting (63k).

3.6 3-port box
Rendering of version 3.6 of the 3-port electronics box with all panels lifted open for inspection (47k).

Thermal Blankets

Here's a helpful animation of how the Insulation Blanket wraps around the Electronics Box (197k).
[a larger one (458k) is available as well]

RF Gaskets

Here are four renderings of the RF gasket seals.

Older Versions

Here are some old renderings of previous versions.

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