HEROSYSTEM Mental Talents Quick Reference

Procedural Steps:

  1. Make successful ECV attack vs target (or modified roll for Mind Scan).
  2. Declare desired level of effect (for Mind Control the ref secretly determines necessary control level for commands).
  3. Roll effect dice and meet control level or fail.
  4. Target effected until link broken by EGO roll less 1/5 over necessary control level w/ modifiers for extra time:

Mind Control

nD6 total - DEF Effect
EGO+0 Subject will perform actions he would have been inclined to do anyway.
EGO+10 Perform actions he would not mind doing.
EGO+20 Actions he would have been normally against doing.
EGO+30 Actions he would be absolutely opposed to.
Modifiers Command Content
+10 Subject will not remember any actions undertaken while controlled.
+20 Will remember actions as though they were their own and natural.
±5 Order is worded exceptionally clearly and convincingly or poorly and contradictory.

Mind Scan

Warning: link is two-way if target has defensive training.

Mind Scan ECV Modifiers

People Scanned ECV Modifier
1 (single) 0
10 (handful) -2
102 (small theater) -4
103 (apt. building) -6
104 (small town) -8
105 (large town) -10
106 (city) -12
107 (medium state) -14
108 (large country) -16
109 (continent) -18
1010 (entire planet) -20
familiar/unfamiliar mind being sought ±1 to ±5

Mind Scan Effect Table

nD6 total - DEF Effect (must declare level in advance)
over EGO May a Mind Link or use elementary telepathy and estimate direction to subject.
over EGO+10 Use all Mental Powers on subject and estimate distance to subject.
over EGO+20 Attack with all attacks (Mind Scan is Targeting) and knows exact location of subject.


Telepathy Effect Table

nD6 total - DEF Effect
over EGO Read or send surface thoughts.
over EGO+10 Read deep or hidden thoughts.
over EGO+20 Read subject's memories.
over EGO+30 Read into subject's unconscious.

Time Chart

Time Modifier
1 turn 1
1 minute 2
5 minutes 3
1 hour 4
5 hours 5
1 day 6
1 week 7
1 month 8
1 season 9
1 year 10

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Document last modified Friday, June 01, 2001