Body Armor Comparison

This is a brief comparison of body armor protection levels and their associated implied game values. The ballistics statistics were provided by the National Institute of Justice and Underwriters Laboritory via the Armet Armored Vehicles website.

Note that the game ballistics listed are for an average hit with the projectile listed. Armor with a defensive value exactly equal to the damage, piercing, and speed class advantages of the round in question would be effective 50% of the time at preventing penetration. Armor meant to protect against a given projectile should be a bit higher in value than what the projectile does on average overall. Thus, when computing the armor value necessary to defend against a specified round it is necessary to add 3.5 AP to the total armor value to make the calculation valid for an armor thickness twice that which would stop the round only 50% of the time.

N.I.J. Standard 0108-01

Ballistics statistics Provided by National Institute of Justice.

N.I.J. DataGame Ballistics Data
LevelWeapon TypeCalibreAmmunitionTest RangeSpeed ClassDamage + PierceStun
I.22 LR Handgun.22 LRLRHV5m17.50
I.38 Special.38 SpRN Lead5m16.5+1
IIA.357 Magnum.357 MagnumJSP 158 gr5m17.5+1
IIA9mm Handgun9mm x 19FMJ 124 gr5m17.50
II.357 Magnum.357 MagnumHV/JSP 158 gr5m(25.5+1)
II9mm Handgun9mm x 19HV/FMJ 124 gr5m(17.50)
IIIA44 Mg Hangun44 MgLead GC 240gr5m19.5+1
IIIA9mm S.M.G.9mm x 19FMJ 124 gr5m17.50
III7.62 or .308 Rifle7.62mm x 51.308 FMJ 150 gr15m215+1
IVM147.62mm x 63AP30.06 166 gr15m2170

Underwriters Laboritory. Standard 752
Table 3.1 January 27, 1995

U.L. DataGame Ballistics Data
ClassWeapon TypeCalibreAmmunitionTest RangeSpeed ClassDamage + PierceStun
Level 19mm9mm x 19FMJ LC4.6m16.50
Level 2.357 Magnum.357JLSP4.6m16.5+1
Level 3.44 Magnum.44LSW GC4.6m19.5+1
Level 430.06 Rifle30.06LSP4.6m214+1
Level 57.62mm or .308 rifle7.62mm x 51LC/FMJ Military Ball4.6m215+1
Level 69mm Uzi9mm x 19FMJ/LC4.6m16.50
Level 75.56 Rifle5.56mm x 45FMJ/LC4.6m2130
Level 87.62 M147.62mm x 51LC/FMJ Military Ball4.6m215+1
Shotgun12-gaugeRifled slugLead 28gr4.6m18+2
Shotgun12-gauge00 buckshotLead 42gr4.6m13.5 x40 +3

All tests conducted are based upon average velocity of selected ammunition.

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