Physical Adepts

Becoming a full mage or shaman costs 30 points (including Astral Perception, etc.). Being a magical adept, shamanic adept or physical adept only costs 15 points.

Physical Adepts

When a physical adept is created, points are spent to obtain various improvements to the physical stats and skills. Adepts can also obtain various unique powers, similar to the effects of certain spells. These become permanent abilities for the adept. A number of points equal to 10 times the Magic Rating of the adept may be spent on these powers -- more reason to become Initiated. Remember, a character's Magic Rating is never greater than his or her Essence rating unless they are Initiated. In fact, for Physical Adepts, the main benefits of Initiation are the increase in Magic Rating, and Masking. In almost all cases, starting player characters will not be able to spend more than 60 points on their adept powers (including points spent on increased characteristics).

The only magical focus of any use to a physical adept is a weapon focus. Note also that a physical adept cannot use astral perception, unless it is purchased as an ability. A physical adept cannot astrally project.

Physical adepts pretty much never have cyberware; it is possible, but (a) has a high risk of reducing their magic, and (b) is generally counter to their whole "focus the natural forces" shtick.

Powers of the Physical Adept

Astral Perception

Cost: 10 points

The adept has the power to see into the astral plane via astral perception, but cannot use astral projection. This enables the adept to use the Sorcery skill in Astral combat, but does not mean that he or she can cast spells.

Combat Sense

Cost: 30 points for 1st level, + 5 points per level

The adept with the combat sense power has an almost sixth sense about an area and any threats around him or her. Each level of this ability gives the equivalent of an 8 point '"'all combat'"' level; it reduces by one the number of opponents considered '"'in excess of one around you'"' for purposes of figuring DCV reductions. In addition, the character obtains a 360deg. Spatial Awareness sense with the first level of this ability. The first level of Combat Sense costs 30 points; the second, 5 points; and the third, 5 points -- no more than three levels may be purchased (thus to a maximum of 40 points).

Improved Ability

Cost: see below

The physical adept with this power may purchase levels with a +1/2 limitation '"'based on magical ability'"' (thereby reducing their cost). Specifically, the limitation can be applied to 'physical' skills such as Breakfall, Climbing, Stealth (based on physical stats), or to combat levels. Only 'muscle powered' weapons (martial arts, swords, archery, etc.) can be bought this way.

For skills, this limitation may not be applied to the first three points.

For combat levels, the limitation may only be applied to half or less of the levels bought. The limitation is applied to the cumulative cost of any identical levels.

Improved Attributes

Cost: see below

With this ability, the adept can reduce the point cost of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Body, PD, ED, Recovery, Endurance, Speed, Stun or Running by applying a +1 limitation '"'based on magical ability.'"' These characteristics should not be bought above 1.5 times the normal species maximums without referee approval. Species maximums do still apply.

Improved Physical Senses

Cost: see below

These improvements include low-light vision, high- or low-frequency hearing, and so on. The costs are:

  • Enhanced Perception (one sense): 1 point per level, max +4 levels
  • Enhanced Perception (all senses): 2 points per level, max +4 levels
  • Low Light (IR) Vision: 3 points
  • Mental Awareness: 2 points
  • Spatial Awareness, 360deg.: 23 points
  • Ultrasonic Hearing: 2 points

Killing Hands

cost: see below

The physical adept with this ability may make hand-to-hand (non-weapon) attacks as killing attacks, andpurchase additional damage classes for his or her (non-weapon) martial art maneuvers. Theses attacks are effective against creatures with Immunity or magical defenses against normal weapons (their defensive bonuses do not count against Killing Hands). The first damage class purchased costs 3 points; the second, 5 points; the third, 12 points; and the fourth, 24 points (which would be a total of 44 points!). No levels above four may be purchased.

Missile Deflection

cost: 7 points, +1 per level

As the Hero System power; only versus Speed 0 attacks (arrows, thrown things, etc.). No more than 4 Missile Deflection levels (in addition to the basic ability) can be purchased (which would be a total of 11 points). Remember that the adept's Deflection roll starts with their OCV.

Pain Resistance

cost: 7 points

Pain Resistance allows the adept to resist the effects of damage. In Hero system terms, the character may apply his or her PD or ED to the Stun of any Killing attack (even if armor is not being worn).


cost: 1 point per inch

As the Hero System power; not more than 4 inches can be purchased.

Physical Adepts And Magic

A physical adept can lose his or her magic just like any other magician. Should this happen, the loss may affect any or all adept abilities the character has purchased.

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