Radiation Effects

 Stat Maximum Reductions 
14 hours1d6-11d6-21d6+11d6--6 weeks60 
23 hours2d6-22d6-42d6+22d6--6 weeks125 
32 hours3d6-33d6-63d6+33d6--5 weeks250 
41 hour4d6-44d6-84d6+44d64d6-204d6-204 weeks500 
545 min.5d6-55d6-105d6+55d65d6-205d6-202 weeks1k 
630 min.6d6-66d6-126d6+66d66d6-186d6-181 week2k 
715 min.7d6-77d6-107d6+77d67d6-147d6-143 days4k 
85 min.8d6-88d6-88d6+88d68d6-88d6-81 day8k 
91 min.9d6-99d6-99d6+99d69d69d6-93 hours16k 
101 turn10d6-1010d6-1010d6+1010d610d610d6-101 hour30k 
111 phaseetc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.short60k 
12instant      etc.125kdisrupt electronics
13etc.       250kkill roaches
14        500kchem. changes
15        1Mfood irradiation
19        16Mwater > 100deg. C
22        125Mwater > steam
23        250Mmelt steel

Medical Effects of Radiation Damage

DC 1:blood & haematic organs principally affected. Military exposure category RS-1
DC 2:make CON roll or vomiting; fatigue; exposure category RS-2 (to 150 rads) and RS-3 (over 150 rads)
DC 3:vomiting, hair loss, bleeding, cataracts (if caused by medium radiation), female sterility, convalesce for a few weeks; 25% fatalities
DC 4:male sterility, leukemia, cataracts regardless of radiation type; convalesce for a few months; 60% fatalities in general population
DC 5:GI tract is prin. affected; prostration, anorexia, diarrhea, fever; convalesce for several months; 99% fatalities in general population
DC 7:coordination loss begins as central nervous system becomes principal organ affected; convalesce for a year or two at least
DC 8:stupor, convulsions, and (almost certainly) death.

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