ASMRB Pre-1900 Small Arms

typeUsually pistol, rifle, SGN (shotgun), SMG (submachine gun), MG (machine gun) ... besides helping to identify the weapon, this is used in the range mod calculations.
nameName of weapon
StrThe Strength Minimum. In our latest versions, a listing with an asterisk (as in "Str 10*") refers to a weapon where the recoil Strength Minimum is the larger number; for other weapons (without the asterisk) it's the suspension Strength Minimum that's larger.
OCVThe OCV bonus. Remember, for most handheld 'real' weapons, you don't get this bonus when firing full auto. Values of 0 and +1 cover 99% of the world's firearms; there are a few -1s and +2s.
RModThe Range Modifier, in game inches (2 meter hexes, that is).
sightsType of sights on the weapon.
ROFThe rate of fire, in "shots per character phase"
capacityIf multiple values are given, the first one is the one used to figure the mass of the weapon.
bblThe aforementioned barrel length, in centimeters. Note there are a lot of technical differences in how various kinds of firearms measure their barrel length. Let's leave it at that for now.
massThe mass of the weapon. Loaded, I think; I would have to take a look at the research materials. This is used in recoil calculations, etc.
actionThe kind of mechanism involved
SpThe Speed class of the attack (compared to the Speed class of the target's armor)
PcThe Piercing value of the attack (normally subtracted from the target's defenses)
damageWhat it says. Multiple damage groups are usually notated "4x1d6" or something like that
StunThe Stun modifier
ammunitionThe type of ammo used; specifically, the type of ammo for which the Strength Minimum, Speed, Piercing, Damage, and Stun are calculated.
sizeThe Size value of the weapon, for use with the Concealment rules.

Performance Summary page.

PistolBorchardt013fixedd8 mag171.4semi141d6+107.62 Borchardt6
PistolColt M1873, 4.75"1312fixed16 cyl121.2SA131d6+11.45 Long Colt5
PistolColt M1873, 5.5"1413fixed16 cyl141.2SA131d6+11.45 Long Colt5
PistolColt M1873, 7.5"1513fixed16 cyl191.2SA131d6+11.45 Long Colt6
Pistolgeneric flintlock9-13fixed-1251.21101d61.54" ball6
PistolLebel Modéle 1892 13fixedd6 cyl120.9DA    8x27.5mm Mle 924
PistolMauser C96313leafd10 clip141.2semi141d6+10.30 Mauser6
PistolNew Model Army .44812fixed16 cyl201.2SA101d6+11.44 ball6
PistolReichs Revolver M1879 13fixed16 cyl181.1SA    10.6mm Deutsche6
PistolReichs Revolver M1883 12fixed16 cyl131.0SA    10.6mm Deutsche5
PistolSchwarzlose M1898 13fixedd7 mag161.0semi    7.63x25 Mauser5
Pistolgeneric snaphaunce305fixed-1381.11100.5d62.55" ball8
PistolTannenburg Hand Gun9-1 none-1161.31    6x.33" balls6/15
Pistolgeneric wheellock1022none-1441.41101d62.67" ball8
PistolWildey .475 1 fixedd   semi    .475 Magnum 
PistolWildey 11mm Magnum 1 fixedd5 mag  semi    11mm Magnum 
PistolWildey 45 Win.Mag. 14fixedd7 mag  semi    .45 Win Mag 
RifleHawkins .50 cal. 25leaf1    202d62.50 ball 
RifleKar-98k 17leaf1    272d6+118mm Mauser 
RifleMartini Henry Mk. I 17leaf0    152d62.45 Martini 
RifleMoisin-Nag. M1891 rifle 19leaf0    272d6+117.62x54mmR 
RifleMoisin-Nag. M1891 carb. 1 leaf    bolt27 17.52x54mmR 
Riflegeneric musket 13fixed0    101d6+13.69 ball 
RifleSharps .50-140 110leaf0    262.5d63.50-140 Sharps 
RifleSpenser Carbine 23leaf0    111.5d6+12.56/60 Spenser 
RifleSpringfield Trapdoor 14leaf0    162d62.45-70 Gov't 
RifleWinchester M1873 23leaf1    131.5d61.44-40 
RifleWinchester M1894 13leaf1    262d61.30-30 
SGNgeneric sawed off1712none2 25      10 guage 
SGNWinchester M1897 Riot1323fixedd 51        

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