ASMRB 20th Century Small Arms


typeUsually pistol, rifle, SGN (shotgun), SMG (submachine gun), MG (machine gun) ... besides helping to identify the weapon, this is used in the range mod calculations.
nameName of weapon
StrThe Strength Minimum. In our latest versions, a listing with an asterisk (as in "Str 10*") refers to a weapon where the recoil Strength Minimum is the larger number; for other weapons (without the asterisk) it's the suspension Strength Minimum that's larger.
OCVThe OCV bonus. Remember, for most handheld 'real' weapons, you don't get this bonus when firing full auto. Values of 0 and +1 cover 99% of the world's firearms; there are a few -1s and +2s.
RModThe Range Modifier, in game inches (2 meter hexes, that is).
sightsType of sights on the weapon.
ROFThe rate of fire, in "shots per character phase"
capacityIf multiple values are given, the first one is the one used to figure the mass of the weapon.
bblThe aforementioned barrel length, in centimeters. Note there are a lot of technical differences in how various kinds of firearms measure their barrel length. Let's leave it at that for now.
massThe mass of the weapon. Loaded, I think; I would have to take a look at the research materials. This is used in recoil calculations, etc.
actionThe kind of mechanism involved
SpThe Speed class of the attack (compared to the Speed class of the target's armor)
PcThe Piercing value of the attack (normally subtracted from the target's defenses)
damageWhat it says. Multiple damage groups are usually notated "4x1d6" or something like that
StunThe Stun modifier
ammunitionThe type of ammo used; specifically, the type of ammo for which the Strength Minimum, Speed, Piercing, Damage, and Stun are calculated.
sizeThe Size value of the weapon, for use with the Concealment rules.

Performance Summary

SGNAtchisson Assault-12  3fixed510,20 m465.00auto    12 std 
SGNBenelli Super-90 23fixedd7 tube513.20semi    12 Mag 
SGNBenelli Super-90 Police 23fixedd5 tube353.00semi    12 Mag 
SGNBernadelli B4 Anti-Riot 13fixedd10 mag464.00S - P    12 Mag 
SGNBernadelli B4 Anti-Riot 13fixedd10 mag464.00S - P    12 std 
SGNBrowning Auto Riot 23fixedd 51        
SGNBrowning BPS 23fixed---5 tube563.00pump    12 super 
SGNDaewoo USAS-12 13fixed510,28 m514.50auto    12 std 
SGNFranchi PA3-215 22none---3 tube152.30pump    12 std 
SGNFranchi SAS-12 23fixed---8 tube553.20pump    12 std 
SGNFranchi SPAS-12 13fixedd8 tube515.50S - P    12 std 
SGNgeneric sawed off 12none2 25      10 gauge 
SGNH&K CAW  3unit310 mag464.30auto    CAW 
SGNHigh Standard M10B 13fixedd 46        
SGNIthaca Auto-Burglar 12fixed2 30        
SGNIthaca M37 Police Spl. 23fixed---5 tube463.00pump    12 std 
SGNIthaca M37 Stakeout 22fixed---4 tube332.30pump    12 std 
SGNIthaca Mag-10 Rdblcker 13fixedd3 tube564.90semi    10 Mag 
SGNMossberg M500 ATP8S 23fixed--- 51        
SGNMossberg Bullpup long 23fixed---8 tube514.10pump    12 Mag 
SGNMossberg Bullpup sht. 22fixed---6 tube463.90pump    12 Mag 
SGNMossberg M590 Military 23fixed---8,9 tube513.30pump    12 Mag 
SGNPANCOR Jackhammer  3fixed310 mag464.50auto    12 std 
SGNRemington 870P 23fixed--- 51        
SGNRemington M1100 SP 23fixedd10 tube613.40semi    12 Mag 
SGNRemington M7188 Mk. I  3fixed58 tube513.40auto    12 Mag 
SGNRemington SP-10 13fixedd2 tube265.00semi    10 Mag 
SGNSageM1100 Sidewinder 23fixedd5 tube383.00semi    12 Mag 
SGNSavage 311-R Guard 23fixed2 51        
SGNSmith & Wesson AS-3  3fixed3b/510 mag484.40auto    12 std 
SGNStriker-12, 12" 23fixedd12 integ304.00semi    12 std 
SGNStriker-12, 18" 23fixedd12 integ464.10semi    12 std 
SGNStriker-12, 2.5" 22fixedd12 integ63.60semi    12 std 
SGNWilson Exec. Protector 12none---2 tube82.10pump    12 Mag 
SGNWilson Witness Prot. 22fixed---4 tube332.40pump    12 Mag 
SGNWin. 1300 Defender 23fixed---5,8 tube513.10pump    12 Mag 
SGNWinchester M1897 Riot 23fixedd 51        
SGNWinchester Model 12 23fixed---5 tube513.20pump    12 std 
SGNWinter SWATriplex-18 13fixedd2x9 t564.10semi    12 std 

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