ASMRB 20th Century Small Arms

Submachine guns

typeUsually pistol, rifle, SGN (shotgun), SMG (submachine gun), MG (machine gun) ... besides helping to identify the weapon, this is used in the range mod calculations.
nameName of weapon
StrThe Strength Minimum. In our latest versions, a listing with an asterisk (as in "Str 10*") refers to a weapon where the recoil Strength Minimum is the larger number; for other weapons (without the asterisk) it's the suspension Strength Minimum that's larger.
OCVThe OCV bonus. Remember, for most handheld 'real' weapons, you don't get this bonus when firing full auto. Values of 0 and +1 cover 99% of the world's firearms; there are a few -1s and +2s.
RModThe Range Modifier, in game inches (2 meter hexes, that is).
sightsType of sights on the weapon.
ROFThe rate of fire, in "shots per character phase"
capacityIf multiple values are given, the first one is the one used to figure the mass of the weapon.
bblThe aforementioned barrel length, in centimeters. Note there are a lot of technical differences in how various kinds of firearms measure their barrel length. Let's leave it at that for now.
massThe mass of the weapon. Loaded, I think; I would have to take a look at the research materials. This is used in recoil calculations, etc.
actionThe kind of mechanism involved
SpThe Speed class of the attack (compared to the Speed class of the target's armor)
PcThe Piercing value of the attack (normally subtracted from the target's defenses)
damageWhat it says. Multiple damage groups are usually notated "4x1d6" or something like that
StunThe Stun modifier
ammunitionThe type of ammo used; specifically, the type of ammo for which the Strength Minimum, Speed, Piercing, Damage, and Stun are calculated.
sizeThe Size value of the weapon, for use with the Concealment rules.

Performance Summary

SMGAKR5 4leaf1030 mag 4.0auto262d617.62x39mm Soviet 
SMGAMD-6552/04leaf1030 mag324.1auto262d617.62x39mm Soviet10
SMGAmerican 180 M262/02leaf+dot20177 mag424.7auto151d6-10.22 Long Rifle12
SMGArmalite AR-18S4 3leaf1020,30mag 3.2auto262d6-195.56 NATO 
SMGBeretta M1252/03battle540 mag203.7auto131d6+109mm Para8
SMGBeretta M38A72/03leaf1040 mag325.0auto131d6+109mm Para13
SMGBushmaster32/03fixed1030 mag302.8auto262d6-105.56 NATO8
SMGCAR-15 2/03battle  mag  auto131d6+109mm Para11
SMGCAR-15 (XM177E2)42/03leaf1020,30mag253.2auto262d6-105.56 NATO11
SMGDaewoo K1 Carbine4 3leaf1020,30mag 3.3auto262d6-105.56 NATO 
SMGF1A152/04fixed1032 mag204.0auto131d6+109mm Para11
SMGFleming AK  3leaf1030 mag204.1auto162d617.62x39mm Soviet 
SMGFleming M53-K  3battle1020,40mag104.0auto261.5d605.56mm NATO 
SMGH&K MP5A332/03leaf1015,30mag233.0auto131d6+109mm Para9
SMGH&K MP5K12/02leaf1015,30mag122.3auto131d6+109mm Para7
SMGH&K MP5SD322/02leaf1015,30mag152.5auto131d609mm Para Vented10
SMGHM-342/03battle1032 mag263.6auto131d6+109mm Para6
SMGIngram M1042/12fixed1030 mag153.5auto131d6+11.45 ACP5
SMGIngram M1042/12fixed1032 mag153.5auto131d6+109mm Para5
SMGIngram M10 w/ silencer52/12fixed1030 mag153.8auto131d6+11.45 ACP8
SMGIngram M10 w/ silencer52/12fixed1032 mag153.8auto131d6+109mm Para8
SMGIngram M1112/11fixed2016.32mag132.1auto121d60.380 ACP4
SMGIngram M11 w/ silencer22/11fixed2016,32mag132.6auto121d6+10.380 ACP7
SMGK-5052/13battle1035 mag274.1auto141d6+107.62 Tokarev9
SMGM-45 (Swedish K)623battle1036,50mag204.2auto131d6+109mm Para9
SMGM3, OSS version722fixed530 mag205.3auto131d6+11.45 ACP11
SMGM3A1 'Grease Gun'623fixed530 mag204.5auto131d6+11.45 ACP9
SMGMadson M50512fixed532 mag203.7auto131d6+109mm Para9
SMGMAT-49623fixed1032 mag234.8auto131d6+109mm Para8
SMGMP-40 'Schmiesser'623battle532 mag254.7auto131d6+109mm Para10
SMGMP18/1723leaf532 mag205.3auto131d6+109mm Para12
SMGMPi 6942/13battle525,32mag263.6auto131d6+109mm Para7
SMGOwen Mk. II72/24fixed1033 mag254.9auto131d6+109mm Para11
SMGPM-43 14battle10    141d6+107.62mm Tokarev10
SMGPM-63-12/13fixed1025 mag151.8auto131d6+109mm Makarov6
SMGPM-9 2/12fixed10    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGPPsh-41 1/14battle10    141d6+107.62mm Tokarev 
SMGRexim F.V. Mk. IV 2/23battle10    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGS&W M76 2/23battle10    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGSidewinder SS-1 2/13none1032,45mag 3.2auto131d6+109mm Para 
SMGStechkin (2) 1/-12fixed10    131d6+109mm Makarov 
SMGSten Mk. II 2/13fixed5    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGSten Mk. IIs 2/22fixed5    131d609mm Para Vented 
SMGSterling L2A3 2/13battle5    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGSterling L34A1 2/22battle5    131d609mm Para Vented 
SMGThompson M1 2/23battle10    131d6+11.45 ACP 
SMGThompson M1928A1 2/23leaf10    131d6+11.45 ACP 
SMGType 64 2/13fixed20    151d607.62mm Tok. Hvy. 
SMGUzi 23battle1020,32mag154.2auto131d6+109mm Para 
SMGUzi 23battle1014,22mag154.2auto141d6+11.41 Action Express 
SMGUzi 23battle1014,22mag154.2auto141d6+1110mm Auto 
SMGUzi 23battle1016 mag154.2auto131d6+11.45 ACP 
SMGUzi, Mini 2/12battle20xxmag  auto131d6+109mm Para 
SMGVP-70 (3) 1/12fixed3b    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGVz23 or Vz25 2/23battle10    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGVz24 or Vz26 2/13battle10    241.5d607.62mm Czech M48 
SMGVz61 Skorpion (2) 1/12fixed10    131d6-10.32 ACP 
SMGWalther MP   fixed         9mm Para 
SMGWalther MPK   fixed         9mm Para 

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