ASMRB 20th Century Small Arms

typeUsually pistol, rifle, SGN (shotgun), SMG (submachine gun), MG (machine gun) ... besides helping to identify the weapon, this is used in the range mod calculations.
nameName of weapon
StrThe Strength Minimum. In our latest versions, a listing with an asterisk (as in "Str 10*") refers to a weapon where the recoil Strength Minimum is the larger number; for other weapons (without the asterisk) it's the suspension Strength Minimum that's larger.
OCVThe OCV bonus. Remember, for most handheld 'real' weapons, you don't get this bonus when firing full auto. Values of 0 and +1 cover 99% of the world's firearms; there are a few -1s and +2s.
RModThe Range Modifier, in game inches (2 meter hexes, that is).
sightsType of sights on the weapon.
ROFThe rate of fire, in "shots per character phase"
capacityIf multiple values are given, the first one is the one used to figure the mass of the weapon.
bblThe aforementioned barrel length, in centimeters. Note there are a lot of technical differences in how various kinds of firearms measure their barrel length. Let's leave it at that for now.
massThe mass of the weapon. Loaded, I think; I would have to take a look at the research materials. This is used in recoil calculations, etc.
actionThe kind of mechanism involved
SpThe Speed class of the attack (compared to the Speed class of the target's armor)
PcThe Piercing value of the attack (normally subtracted from the target's defenses)
damageWhat it says. Multiple damage groups are usually notated "4x1d6" or something like that
StunThe Stun modifier
ammunitionThe type of ammo used; specifically, the type of ammo for which the Strength Minimum, Speed, Piercing, Damage, and Stun are calculated.
sizeThe Size value of the weapon, for use with the Concealment rules.

Performance Summary

PistolAm. Derringer Model 120*01fixed1280.4SA131d6+11.45 ACP0
PistolAm. Derringer Model 430*02fixed12100.5SA142d61.45-70 Gov't1
PistolAm. Derringer C.O.P.14*01fixedd480.9DA131d6+11.357 Magnum1
PistolAm. Derringer LM-416*11fixed15 mag90.7SA131d6+11.45 ACP0
PistolAMT Automag15*08fixedd7 mag171.8semi141.5d61.44 Automag5
PistolAMT Backup5*01fixedd5 mag60.5semi121d60.380 ACP0
PistolAMT Hardballer Mach II15*13fixedd8 mag131.4semi131.5d61.45 J-Mag MkII4
PistolAMT Long Slide9*14fixedd7 mag181.4semi131d6+11.45 ACP5
PistolAstra A-60412fixedd13 mag90.8semi121d60.380 ACP2
PistolAstra A-100613fixedd15 mag111.1semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolAuto-Ord ZG-51 Pit Bull11*12fixedd7 mag91.0semi131d6+11.45 ACP3
PistolBehlert Desert Eagle11*16fixedd8 mag152.3semi142d61.44 Magnum5
PistolBeretta M19516*12fixedd8 mag111.0semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolBeretta M34412fixedd7 mag90.8semi121d60.380 ACP1
PistolBeretta M81BB512fixedd12 mag 0.9semi131d6-10.32 ACP2
PistolBeretta M84412fixedd13 mag100.8semi121d60.380 ACP2
PistolBeretta M92F (M9)713fixedd15,20mag131.2semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolBeretta M92F-C612fixedd13 mag111.1semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolBeretta M93R82/03fixed3b20 mag161.5burst131d6+109mm Para4/7
PistolBernadelli P-018613fixedd16 mag121.1semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolBorchardt813fixedd8 mag171.4semi141d6+107.62 Borchardt6
PistolBren Ten Standard9*13fixedd11 mag131.1semi141d6+1110mm Auto4
PistolBrowning .25-101fixedd6 mag40.4semi150.5d60.25 Auto0
PistolBrowning Model 1900402fixedd7 mag100.8semi131d6-10.32 ACP2
PistolBrowning Model 1903513fixedd7 mag131.0semi131d6+109mm BrowningLong4
PistolBrowning Mod. 1910/22513fixedd9 mag111.0semi121d60.380 ACP3
PistolBrowning HP-356*13fixed/ leafd13 mag111.0semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolBrowning BDA-9S6*13fixedd14 mag121.1semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolBrowning BDA-9C7*02fixedd7, 14 mag100.9semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolCalico Model 95080 fixedd50 mag151.7semi131d6+109mm Para6
PistolCasull .45423*14fixed16 cyl191.5SA252d61.454 Casull6
PistolCentury Model 10020*14fixed15 cyl172.7SA142d61.45-70 Gov't6
PistolCharter Bulldog Pug16*12fixedd5 cyl60.6DA131d6+11.44 Special3
PistolCharter Undercover11*11fixedd5 cyl50.5DA131d61.38 Special0
PistolColt Commander8*13fixedd9 mag111.1semi121d6+11.38 Super Auto4
PistolColt Delta Elite8*14fixedd 9 mag131.4semi141d6+1110mm Auto4
PistolColt Detective Special10*11fixedd6 cyl50.7DA131d61.38 Special2
PistolColt Double Eagle8*13fixedd9 mag131.3semi141d6+1110mm Auto4
PistolColt Double Eagle10*13fixedd8 mag131.3semi131d6+11.45 ACP4
PistolColt M1873, 4.75"12*12fixed16 cyl121.2SA131d6+11.45 Long Colt5
PistolColt M1873, 5.5"11*13fixed16 cyl141.3SA131d6+11.45 Long Colt5
PistolColt M1873, 7.5"11*13fixed16 cyl191.3SA131d6+11.45 Long Colt6
PistolColt M1911A19*13fixedd7 mag131.4semi131d6+11.45 ACP4
PistolColt Mustang412fixedd7 mag70.6semi121d60.380 ACP1
PistolColt Police Positive 4"10*12fixedd6 cyl100.7DA131d61.38 Special4
PistolColt Police Positive 5"8*12fixedd6 cyl130.9DA131d61.38 Special5
PistolColt Police Positive 6"7*13fixedd6 cyl151.1DA131d61.38 Special5
PistolColt Python 2.5"13*13fixedd6 cyl61.1DA131d6+11.357 Magnum3
PistolColt Python 4"13*13fixedd6 cyl101.2DA131d6+11.357 Magnum4
PistolColt Python 6"13*14fixedd6 cyl151.4DA131.5d61.357 Magnum5
PistolColt Python 8"13*14fixedd6 cyl201.6DA131.5d61.357 Magnum6
PistolColt 20006*13fixedd15 mag 1.0semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolColt Scamp 2/02fixed3b27 mag171.5burst251d6+10.22 Scamp5
PistolCoonan Model BC12*13fixedd9 mag131.4semi131d6+11.357 Magnum4
PistolCZ-75 or CZ-85714fixedd15 mag121.2semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolDetonics Cbt. Master11*13fixedd6 mag101.0semi131d6+11.45 ACP2
PistolF.I.E. Spectre813battled30 mag201.4semi131d6+109mm Para6
PistolGlock 177*13fixedd17 mag110.9semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolGlock 186*13fixed517 mag111.0auto131d6+109mm Para3
PistolGlock 198*12fixedd15 mag90.8semi131d6+109mm Para2
PistolGlock 209*13fixedd15 mag121.1semi141d6+1110mm Auto4
PistolGlock 2111*13fixedd13 mag121.1semi131d6+11.45 ACP4
PistolGlock 2211*13fixedd15 mag110.9semi141d6+11.40 S&W3
PistolGlock 2312*12fixedd13 mag90.8semi141d6+11.40 S&W2
PistolGrendel P-10502fixedd10 clip81.0semi121d60.380 ACP0
PistolGyrojet Mk. II-111fixedd7 mag130.4semi131.5d6113mm Gyrojet pistol5
PistolHigh Standard .22712fixedd10 mag181.3semi151d60.22 Long Rifle4
PistolHigh Std. Derringer*02none1260.3DA1   .22 Magnum0
PistolH&K P57*13fixedd8 mag90.9semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolH&K P5 Compact7*13fixedd8 mag80.9semi131d6+109mm Para2
PistolH&K P7K3512fixedd8 mag100.9semi121d60.380 ACP2
PistolH&K P7M710*13fixedd7 mag111.2semi131d6+11.45 ACP3
PistolH&K P7M136*13fixedd13 mag111.0semi131d6+109mm Para2
PistolH&K P7M86*13fixedd8 mag111.0semi131d6+109mm Para2
PistolH&K P9S6*13fixedd9 mag101.0semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolH&K P9S11*13fixedd7 mag101.0semi131d6+11.45 ACP3
PistolH&K VP70M612fixed518 mag121.1auto131d6+109mm Para4
PistolIMI Jericho Model 941713fixedd16 mag111.3semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolIMI Desert Eagle10*15fixedd9 mag151.7semi131.5d61.357 Magnum5
PistolIMI Desert Eagle10*15fixedd9 mag151.9semi141d6+11.41 Action Express5
PistolIMI Desert Eagle13*16fixedd8 mag152.1semi142d61.44 Magnum5
PistolIMI Desert Eagle18*16fixedd7 mag152.2semi142d62.50 Auto5
PistolIntratec TEC-9813fixedd32 mag131.5semi131d6+109mm Para7
PistolLa France Nova9*13fixedd6 mag 0.7semi131d6+109mm Para2
PistolLahti L/35713fixedd8 mag121.3semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolLAR Grizzly Mk I11*1 fixedd9 mag141.5semi141.5d61.357 Magnum5
PistolLAR Grizzly Mk I16*1 fixedd7 mag141.5semi131.5d61.45 Win Mag5
PistolLebel Modéle 1892513fixedd6 cyl120.9DA151d6-108x27.5mm Mle 924
PistolLiberator M194218*-11fixed-1100.5SA131d6+11.45 ACP1
PistolLlama M-82713fixedd15 mag111.3semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolLlama M-87813fixedd15 mag151.4semi131d6+109mm Para5
PistolLuger Artillery Model713adjustd8 mag191.3semi131d6+109mm Para6
PistolLuger Naval Model713fixedd8 mag151.2semi131d6+109mm Para5
PistolLuger P-08612fixedd8 mag101.1semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolMAB PA-15812fixedd15 mag121.4semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolMakarov PM6*12fixedd8 mag90.7semi131d6+109mm Makarov2
PistolMamba713fixedd15 mag131.3semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolMannlicher M1901 13fixedd8 clip161.0semi    7.63x21mm Mann.4
PistolManurhin MR7315*13fixedd6 cyl101.1DA131d6+11.357 Magnum4
PistolMauser C96713leafd10 clip141.2semi141d6+10.30 Mauser6
PistolMauser HSc312fixedd8 mag90.7semi121d60.380 ACP1
PistolMauser Model 1914312fixedd8 mag90.7semi131d6-10.32 ACP2
PistolMauser M3291/-13leaf1010,20mag141.8auto141d6+10.30 Mauser6
PistolModéle 1935413fixedd8 mag110.8semi141d607.65x19.5mm Long3
PistolModéle 19507*13fixedd9 mag110.9semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolNambu M14511fixedd8 mag121.0semi161d608mm Nambu4
PistolNew Model Army .44 12fixed16 cyl201.2SA101d6+11.44 ball6
PistolNorth Am. Mag. Express20*14fixed15 cyl 1.6SA222d61.450 Mag. Express6
PistolOmega Invector II16*15fixedd8 mag151.9semi252d6110mm Omega6
PistolP-646*12fixedd6 mag80.7semi131d6+109mm Makarov1
PistolPara-Ordnance P12.4510*12fixedd11 mag91.2semi131d6+11.45 ACP2
PistolPara Ordnance P14.459*13fixedd13 mag131.4semi131d6+11.45 ACP4
PistolPhelps Eagle I18*14fixed16 cyl 2.5SA222d61.444 Marlin6
PistolPhelps Heritage I20*14fixed16 cyl 2.5SA142d61.45-70 Gov't6
PistolPSM 12fixedd8 mag90.5semi    5.45x18mm2
PistolP6 (suppressed Makarov)612fixedd8 mag91.1semi131d6+109x18mm3/5
PistolRadom wz/35713fixedd8 mag121.3semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolReichs Revolver M1879 13fixed16 cyl181.1SA    10.6mm Deutsche6
PistolReichs Revolver M1883 12fixed16 cyl131.0SA    10.6mm Deutsche5
PistolRemington XP-100 17var.-1271.7bolt    .221 Fireball7
PistolRoth-Steyr M1907613fixedd10 clip131.1semi151d6+108mm Steyr4
PistolRuger Mk1 w/silencer712fixedd9 mag161.3semi151d6-10.22 Long Rifle5
PistolRuger Blackhawk14*14fixed16 cyl 1.3SA131d6+11.357 Magnum5
PistolRuger GP-10014*13fixed16 cyl 1.3DA131d6+11.357 Magnum4
PistolRuger Linebaugh23*14fixed15 cyl 1.6SA132d62.500 Magnum6
PistolRuger P85 Mark II613fixedd15 mag111.1semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolRuger P9012*  fixedd7 mag111.0semi131d6+11.45 ACP4
PistolRuger Redhawk17*  fixedd6 cyl191.6DA141.5d61.44 Magnum6
PistolSauer Behorden Model312fixedd7 mag80.7semi131d6-10.32 ACP1
PistolSauer Model 38H412fixedd8 mag80.8semi131d6-10.32 ACP2
PistolSchwarzlose M1898513fixedd7 mag161.0semi141d6+107.63x25 Mauser5
PistolSIG P-210-2613fixedd8 mag121.1semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolSIG Sauer P22012*13fixedd7 mag111.0semi1 1d6+11.45 ACP4
PistolSIG Sauer P2209*13fixedd9 mag110.9semi121d6+11.38 Super Auto4
PistolSIG Sauer P2207*13fixedd9 mag110.9semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolSIG Sauer P2258*13fixedd8 mag100.8semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolSIG Sauer P2266*13fixedd15 mag111.0semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolSIG Sauer P2286*13fixedd13 mag101.0semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolSIG Sauer P230412fixedd7 mag90.8semi121d60.380 ACP2
PistolSITES M9 Resolver8*13fixedd9 mag 0.8semi131d6+109mm Para2
PistolSITES M380 Resolver4*13fixedd8 mag 0.6semi121d60.380 ACP1
PistolS&W Mk22 Mod 0712fixedd8 mag131.2semi151d6+119mm Para subsonic4/6
PistolS&W Model 10, 2.5"8*12fixedd6 cyl50.9DA131d61.38 Special2
PistolS&W Model 10, 4"8*13fixedd6 cyl101.0DA131d61.38 Special4
PistolS&W Model 19, 2.5"16*12fixedd6 cyl61.0DA131d6+11.357 Magnum3
PistolS&W Model 19, 4"15*13fixedd6 cyl101.1DA131d6+11.357 Magnum4
PistolS&W Model 19, 6"15*13fixedd6 cyl151.2DA131.5d61.357 Magnum5
PistolS&W Model 27, 3.5"14*13fixedd6 cyl91.3DA131d6+11.357 Magnum4
PistolS&W Model 27, 5"14*13fixedd6 cyl131.3DA131d6+11.357 Magnum5
PistolS&W Model 27, 6"14*13fixedd6 cyl151.4DA131.5d61.357 Magnum5
PistolS&W Model 27, 8.4"13*14fixedd6 cyl211.5DA131.5d61.357 Magnum6
PistolS&W Model 29, 4"18*14fixedd6 cyl101.4DA141.5d61.44 Magnum5
PistolS&W Model 29, 6.5"17*15fixedd6 cyl171.5DA141.5d61.44 Magnum6
PistolS&W Model 29, 8.4"17*16fixedd6 cyl211.6DA142d61.44 Magnum6
PistolS&W Model 36 (Chief's)11*11fixedd5 cyl50.6DA131d61.38 Special1
PistolS&W Model 397*12fixedd8 mag100.9semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolS&W Model 596*12fixedd14 mag101.0semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolS&W Model 4396*13fixedd8 mag101.0semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolS&W Model 4596*13fixedd14 mag101.0semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolS&W Model 4697*13fixedd12 mag90.9semi131d6+109mm Para1
PistolS&W Model 64510*13fixedd8 mag131.2semi131d6+11.45 ACP4
PistolS&W Model 10768*13fixedd9 mag111.3semi141d6+1110mm Auto4
PistolS&W Model 3913, 39148*12fixedd8 mag90.8semi131d6+109mm Para2
PistolS&W Model 40069*13fixedd11 mag101.3semi141d6+1140 S&W3
PistolS&W Model 450610*13fixedd8 mag131.3semi131d6+11.45 ACP4
PistolS&W Model 451611*13fixedd7 mag101.1semi131d6+11.45 ACP3
PistolS&W Model 5906713fixedd14 mag101.2semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolS&W Model 69067*12fixedd12 mag90.9semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolStar Firestar7*13fixedd7 mag90.9semi131d6+109mm Para2
PistolStar 30M713fixedd15 mag111.3semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolSteyr GB80713fixedd18 mag141.2semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolSteyr SPP913fixedd15 mag 1.6semi131d6+109mm Para5
PistolSteyr M1912613fixedd8 clip131.1semi151d6+109mm Steyr4
PistolTokarev TT337*12fixedd8 mag120.9semi141d6+107.62 Tokarev4
PistolType 67 Silenced 12fixedd9 mag91.1semi    7.62x17 Special4
PistolType 80 Machine Pistol814fixed520 mag141.4auto141d6+107.62 Tokarev5
PistolVz-52613fixedd8 mag121.1semi141d6+107.62 Czech M484
PistolWalther P56*13fixedd8 mag91.0semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolWalther P386*13fixedd8 mag121.0semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolWalther P8861 fixedd15 mag101.1semi131d6+109mm Para4
PistolWalther P88 Compact6*13fixedd14 mag91.0semi131d6+109mm Para3
PistolWalther PP412fixedd7 mag100.8semi121d60.380 ACP2
PistolWalther PP412fixedd8 mag100.8semi141d607.65x17mm SR2
PistolWalther PPK412fixedd6 mag80.8semi121d60.380 ACP1
PistolWalther PPK412fixedd7 mag80.8semi141d607.65x17mm SR1
PistolWebley-Fosbury812fixedd6 cyl151.4semi131d61.455 Webley5
PistolWebley Mk 610*12fixedd6 cyl151.2DA131d61.455 Webley5
PistolWelrod511fixed16 mag130.9bolt131d6-10.32 Auto6
PistolWildey Auto22*14fixedd5 mag182.0semi132d62.475 Magnum5
PistolWildey Auto18*14fixedd6 mag182.0semi232d6211mm Magnum5
PistolWildey Auto14*14fixedd7 mag182.0semi131.5d61.45 Win Mag5
SMGAKR5 4leaf1030 mag 4.0auto262d617.62x39mm Soviet 
SMGAMD-6552/04leaf1030 mag324.1auto262d617.62x39mm Soviet10
SMGAmerican 180 M262/02leaf+dot20177 mag424.7auto151d6-10.22 Long Rifle12
SMGArmalite AR-18S4 3leaf1020,30mag 3.2auto262d6-195.56 NATO 
SMGBeretta M1252/03battle540 mag203.7auto131d6+109mm Para8
SMGBeretta M38A72/03leaf1040 mag325.0auto131d6+109mm Para13
SMGBushmaster32/03fixed1030 mag302.8auto262d6-105.56 NATO8
SMGCAR-15 2/03battle  mag  auto131d6+109mm Para11
SMGCAR-15 (XM177E2)42/03leaf1020,30mag253.2auto262d6-105.56 NATO11
SMGDaewoo K1 Carbine4 3leaf1020,30mag 3.3auto262d6-105.56 NATO 
SMGF1A152/04fixed1032 mag204.0auto131d6+109mm Para11
SMGFleming AK  3leaf1030 mag204.1auto162d617.62x39mm Soviet 
SMGFleming M53-K  3battle1020,40mag104.0auto261.5d605.56mm NATO 
SMGH&K MP5A332/03leaf1015,30mag233.0auto131d6+109mm Para9
SMGH&K MP5K12/02leaf1015,30mag122.3auto131d6+109mm Para7
SMGH&K MP5SD322/02leaf1015,30mag152.5auto131d609mm Para Vented10
SMGHM-342/03battle1032 mag263.6auto131d6+109mm Para6
SMGIngram M1042/12fixed1030 mag153.5auto131d6+11.45 ACP5
SMGIngram M1042/12fixed1032 mag153.5auto131d6+109mm Para5
SMGIngram M10 w/ silencer52/12fixed1030 mag153.8auto131d6+11.45 ACP8
SMGIngram M10 w/ silencer52/12fixed1032 mag153.8auto131d6+109mm Para8
SMGIngram M1112/11fixed2016.32mag132.1auto121d60.380 ACP4
SMGIngram M11 w/ silencer22/11fixed2016,32mag132.6auto121d6+10.380 ACP7
SMGK-5052/13battle1035 mag274.1auto141d6+107.62 Tokarev9
SMGM-45 (Swedish K)623battle1036,50mag204.2auto131d6+109mm Para9
SMGM3, OSS version722fixed530 mag205.3auto131d6+11.45 ACP11
SMGM3A1 'Grease Gun'623fixed530 mag204.5auto131d6+11.45 ACP9
SMGMadson M50512fixed532 mag203.7auto131d6+109mm Para9
SMGMAT-49623fixed1032 mag234.8auto131d6+109mm Para8
SMGMP-40 'Schmiesser'623battle532 mag254.7auto131d6+109mm Para10
SMGMP18/1723leaf532 mag205.3auto131d6+109mm Para12
SMGMPi 6942/13battle525,32mag263.6auto131d6+109mm Para7
SMGOwen Mk. II72/24fixed1033 mag254.9auto131d6+109mm Para11
SMGPM-43 14battle10    141d6+107.62mm Tokarev10
SMGPM-63-12/13fixed1025 mag151.8auto131d6+109mm Makarov6
SMGPM-9 2/12fixed10    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGPPsh-41 1/14battle10    141d6+107.62mm Tokarev 
SMGRexim F.V. Mk. IV 2/23battle10    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGS&W M76 2/23battle10    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGSidewinder SS-1 2/13none1032,45mag 3.2auto131d6+109mm Para 
SMGStechkin (2) 1/-12fixed10    131d6+109mm Makarov 
SMGSten Mk. II 2/13fixed5    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGSten Mk. IIs 2/22fixed5    131d609mm Para Vented 
SMGSterling L2A3 2/13battle5    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGSterling L34A1 2/22battle5    131d609mm Para Vented 
SMGThompson M1 2/23battle10    131d6+11.45 ACP 
SMGThompson M1928A1 2/23leaf10    131d6+11.45 ACP 
SMGType 64 2/13fixed20    151d607.62mm Tok. Hvy. 
SMGUzi 23battle1020,32mag154.2auto131d6+109mm Para 
SMGUzi 23battle1014,22mag154.2auto141d6+11.41 Action Express 
SMGUzi 23battle1014,22mag154.2auto141d6+1110mm Auto 
SMGUzi 23battle1016 mag154.2auto131d6+11.45 ACP 
SMGUzi, Mini 2/12battle20xxmag  auto131d6+109mm Para 
SMGVP-70 (3) 1/12fixed3b    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGVz23 or Vz25 2/23battle10    131d6+109mm Para 
SMGVz24 or Vz26 2/13battle10    241.5d607.62mm Czech M48 
SMGVz61 Skorpion (2) 1/12fixed10    131d6-10.32 ACP 
SMGWalther MP   fixed         9mm Para 
SMGWalther MPK   fixed         9mm Para 
RifleAK-47 2/03leaf10    262d617.62x39mm Soviet 
RifleAK-74 2/03leaf10    262d6-105.45x39 Soviet 
RifleAKM-47 2/03leaf10    262d617.62x39mm Soviet 
RifleArmalite AR-10 1/16leaf10    272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleArmalite AR-18 2/04leaf1020,30mag 3.6auto262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleArmalite AR-7 21fixedd    151d6-10.22 long rifle 
RifleArmalite AR-70 2/04leaf10    262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleArisaka Model 99 17leaf1    282d6+117.7mm Arisaka 
RifleBarrett Model 82   scope     293d61.50 cal M2 
RifleBarrett Model 95   scoped11 mag 15.9semi293d61.50 cal M2 
RifleBM-59 1/17leaf10    272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleBoys Mk. I 02leaf15 mag 17.2bolt293d61.55 Boys 
RifleBRNO ZKK M602  8leaf15 int 4.4bolt262.5d62.458 Win Mag 
RifleDaewoo K2  4battle 20,30mag 3.9auto262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleDelisle Carbine 22leaf1    131d6+11.45 ACP 
RifleEnfield IW - SA80 2/15btl+scope1020-30 5.0 262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleEnfield No.4 Mk. I 16leaf1    262d6+11.303 British 
RifleFA-MAS 2/03leaf3b10    262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleFG-42 1/18leaf10    272d6+118mm Mauser 
RifleFleming SP-308   battle 20,30mag 5.1auto272d617.62mm NATO 
RifleFN-CAL 2/04leaf3b10    262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleFN-FAL 1/18leaf10    272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleFusil FR-F1 19lf+scope1    272d6+117.5mm MAS 
RifleGalil ARM 2/06leaf1035,50mag 4.6auto262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleGalil ARM   leaf1020,25mag 4.8auto272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleGalil Sniper   lf+scoped20,25mag 8.1semi272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleGarand M1 17leafd    272d6+11.30-06 Springfield 
RifleGyrojet Carbine 23fixedd    131.5d6113x36mm Gyrojet 
RifleGyrojet Carbine 24fixedd    152d6213x71mm Gyrojet 
RifleHawkins .50 cal. 25leaf1    202d62.50 ball 
RifleH&K 33A2 2/05leaf10    262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleH&K 36 2/12unit3b        4.6x36mm 
RifleH&K G11 2/03scope3b10    271.5d604.92mm CL 
RifleH&K G3 1/16leaf5    272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleH&K G41 2/05battle3b1025,40mag 4.5auto262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleH&K G41 INKAS  5battle3b1025,40mag 5.0auto262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleH&K PSG-1   lf+scope     272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleHolland .600 Nitro 02leafd        .600 Nitro Express 
RifleKar-98k 17leaf1    272d6+118mm Mauser 
RifleL42A1 17lf+scope1    272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleM1 Carbine 22leafd    251.5d61.30 M1 Carbine 
RifleM14 1/18leaf10    272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleM16A1 2/04leaf10    262d605.56mm NATO 
RifleM19 SPIW 2/19leaf3b10    ----XM645 Flechette 
RifleM2 Carbine 2/02leaf10    251.5d61.30 M1 Carbine 
RifleM21 19leaf/scoped    272d6+117.62mm NATO 
RifleMartini Henry Mk. I 17leaf0    152d62.45 Martini 
RifleMAS 49/56 17leafd    272d6+117.5mm MAS 
RifleMcMillan   leaf/scope11 11.4bolt    .50 cal M2 
RifleMoisin-Nag. M1891 rifle 19leaf0    272d6+117.62x54mmR 
RifleMoisin-Nag. M1891 carb. 1 leaf    bolt27 17.52x54mmR 
RifleMini-14 23leafd    262d605.56 NATO 
RifleMKS 2/04leaf10    262d605.56 NATO 
RifleMP-44 2/05leaf5    272d607.92mm Kurz 
RifleMusket .69 13fixed0    101d6+13.69 ball 
RiflePTRS-41 012leafd    293d6+1214.5mm 
RiflePzB-39 010leaf0    2102.5d607.92mm Patr. 318 
RifleRemingtom M700 19leaf/scope0    272d6+117.62 NATO 
RifleResearch Arms Aimstar   scope11 13.6bolt    .50 cal M2 
RifleRigby Express   leaf12 barrel 5.9dbl    .577 Nitro 
RifleRuger AC-556F               
RifleSATS-G3  4leaf5    272d6+117.62 NATO 
RifleSharps Long Range Exp 110leaf0    262.5d63.50-140 Sharps 
RifleSIG 510-4  7leaf10    272d6+117.62 NATO 
RifleSKS 24leafd    262d617.62x39mm Soviet 
RifleSpenser .56/60 Carbine 23leaf0    111.5d6+12.56/60 Spenser 
RifleSpringfield M1903 17leaf0    272d6+11.30-06 Springfield 
RifleSpringfield Trapdoor 14leaf0    162d62.45-70 Gov't 
RifleSteyr AUG carbine 2/03unit10    262d605.56 NATO 
RifleSteyr AUG rifle 2/04unit10    262d605.56 NATO 
RifleSteyr SSG-69  8leaf/scope0    272d617.62 NATO 
RifleSteyr StG-90               
RifleStoner M22 rifle 2/04leaf10    262d605.56 NATO 
RifleStoner M23 carbine 2/03leaf10    262d605.56 NATO 
RifleSVD 'Dragonov' 112leaf/scoped    272d6+117.62x54mmR Soviet 
RifleTRW-LMR 03battle5    262d605.56 NATO 
RifleType 64 04leaf5    272d617.62 NATO (reduce) 
RifleValmet M82 22battled    262d6-105.56 NATO 
RifleVz-58v 2/04leaf10    262d617.62x39mm Soviet 
RifleWalther WA-2000 011scoped    282d6+11.300 Win Mag (hvy) 
RifleWeatherby Mk. V 010leaf0    262.5d62.460 Wthrby Mag 
RifleWinchester M1873 23leaf1    131.5d61.44-40 
RifleWinchester M1894 13leaf1    262d61.30-30 
RifleWinchester M70 0 leaf15 int 2.9bolt    .30-06 Springfield 
RifleWinchester M70 0 leaf13 int 4.0bolt    .300 Winchester Mag. 
RifleWinchester M70 African 09leaf1   bolt262.5d62.458 Win. Mag 
RifleXL-64 2/02scope10    282d604.85x49mm UK 
SGNAtchisson Assault-12  3fixed510,20 m465.00auto    12 std 
SGNBenelli Super-90 23fixedd7 tube513.20semi    12 Mag 
SGNBenelli Super-90 Police 23fixedd5 tube353.00semi    12 Mag 
SGNBernadelli B4 Anti-Riot 13fixedd10 mag464.00S - P    12 Mag 
SGNBernadelli B4 Anti-Riot 13fixedd10 mag464.00S - P    12 std 
SGNBrowning Auto Riot 23fixedd 51        
SGNBrowning BPS 23fixed---5 tube563.00pump    12 super 
SGNDaewoo USAS-12 13fixed510,28 m514.50auto    12 std 
SGNFranchi PA3-215 22none---3 tube152.30pump    12 std 
SGNFranchi SAS-12 23fixed---8 tube553.20pump    12 std 
SGNFranchi SPAS-12 13fixedd8 tube515.50S - P    12 std 
SGNgeneric sawed off 12none2 25      10 gauge 
SGNH&K CAW  3unit310 mag464.30auto    CAW 
SGNHigh Standard M10B 13fixedd 46        
SGNIthaca Auto-Burglar 12fixed2 30        
SGNIthaca M37 Police Spl. 23fixed---5 tube463.00pump    12 std 
SGNIthaca M37 Stakeout 22fixed---4 tube332.30pump    12 std 
SGNIthaca Mag-10 Rdblcker 13fixedd3 tube564.90semi    10 Mag 
SGNMossberg M500 ATP8S 23fixed--- 51        
SGNMossberg Bullpup long 23fixed---8 tube514.10pump    12 Mag 
SGNMossberg Bullpup sht. 22fixed---6 tube463.90pump    12 Mag 
SGNMossberg M590 Military 23fixed---8,9 tube513.30pump    12 Mag 
SGNPANCOR Jackhammer  3fixed310 mag464.50auto    12 std 
SGNRemington 870P 23fixed--- 51        
SGNRemington M1100 SP 23fixedd10 tube613.40semi    12 Mag 
SGNRemington M7188 Mk. I  3fixed58 tube513.40auto    12 Mag 
SGNRemington SP-10 13fixedd2 tube265.00semi    10 Mag 
SGNSageM1100 Sidewinder 23fixedd5 tube383.00semi    12 Mag 
SGNSavage 311-R Guard 23fixed2 51        
SGNSmith & Wesson AS-3  3fixed3b/510 mag484.40auto    12 std 
SGNStriker-12, 12" 23fixedd12 integ304.00semi    12 std 
SGNStriker-12, 18" 23fixedd12 integ464.10semi    12 std 
SGNStriker-12, 2.5" 22fixedd12 integ63.60semi    12 std 
SGNWilson Exec. Protector 12none---2 tube82.10pump    12 Mag 
SGNWilson Witness Prot. 22fixed---4 tube332.40pump    12 Mag 
SGNWin. 1300 Defender 23fixed---5,8 tube513.10pump    12 Mag 
SGNWinchester M1897 Riot 23fixedd 51        
SGNWinchester Model 12 23fixed---5 tube513.20pump    12 std 
SGNWinter SWATriplex-18 13fixedd2x9 t564.10semi    12 std 
'Rifle'Browning Auto. Rifle   leaf           
MGM-249 SAW   leaf         5.56 NATO 
MGM-60   leaf         7.62 NATO 

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