Compact Car Penetration Table

Generic compact car penetration table (nominal 400 kg [2 Dmg. Ign.], 11 BOD)

16minor systems: 1 disabled: sensor|commo|lights|dashboard|etc.
17minor powerplant: no immed. effect - Ref provides effect post-cbt.
18minor crew: 1 crew takes pen. DC, Body- to be Killing Attack
19minor suspension: 3/4 speed, -3 to control
20major systems: disable all but primary controls
21major powerplant: 1/2 power, 3/4 speed, 8- disabled if control roll req.
22major crew: 1d6 crew take pen. DC, Body- to be Killing Attack
23major suspension: -1 SPD, -6 to control, 1/2 speed
24critical systems: all controls & systems disabled, possible crash
25critical powerplant: powerplant dead|lose 3d6x5% of fuel, 8- for ignition
26critical crew: all crew take pen. DC, Body- to be Killing Attack
27critical suspension: no controlled movement, possible crash
28+subtract 1 from pen. DC, and roll twice with the new pen. DC

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Document last modified Friday, June 01, 2001