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Letters: Chronological

Letters -- finished, sent, and ignored.

02.10.11 Hubbert's Peak Review
A review of Kenneth S. Deffeyes' book Hubbert's Peak, The Impending World Oil Shortage as posted to the Viridian List (Note 00316) by Eric Hughes.
02.10.10 Letter to Preident Bush
A letter containing a brief presentation of a few of my thoughts on a possible war in Iraq. I sent a copy of this to KGO's Bill Wattenburg but never heard a peep in response. Oh well, I guess its probably a dumb letter anyway...
02.06.20 Letter
A letter to Governor Davis about some implications derived from the contents of the book titled "Hubbert's Peak" by Kenneth Deffeyes. The oil will begin to run out in 2006 and then bad things will happen.
02.03.24 Letter
A letter to Representative Ellen Tauscher discussing a compelling reason why the United States should build at least a limited ballistic missile defense system. We should not allow ourselves to backed into a morally awkward position where our only defense is the threat of total annihilation of the enemy.
01.11.07 Letter
This letter was written in response to SF Gate coulmnest Mark Morford's November 7, 2001 "notes & errata" article titled "Deadly Tweezers On Airplanes - Of knives, airport security, and the death of many fine civil liberties.
01.09.12 & 01.09.13 Letters
On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center was totaly destroyed and the Pentagon damaged by terrorist bombings. I invited my friend Eric Hughes to come over andwatch the news with me. We discussed the events at some length both during and in the days that followed. Eric wrote a couple of letters about some of the likely consequiences of this tragedy. His first one is titled An Open Letter on Privacy and Anonymity and the second is titled A Call for a Chorus of Voices.
01.05.22 Note
A U.S. News & World Report article titled "Like a Moth to a Flame" on how other states are luring companies out of California with the promise of cheap and plentiful power. This article is absolutely in line with the analysis stated in my letter "Power Play Paranoia" below.
01.05.18 Letter
This letter was written in response to the Friday, May 18, 2001 SF Chronicle article by Chuck Squatriglia titled "Probe finds 'artificial' shortages Unneeded plant shutdowns drove up state electricity prices, PUC chief says". It is a few calculations that illustrate how much we are paying for electricity relative to gasoline.
01.05.01 Note
Persons interested in a possible solution to the western "energy crises" should also look at the Surreal Estate Archive for additional information and inspiration for a solution. I already thought of one -- see if you can think up a solution scheme as well. Pay special attention to the articles dated 05/01/2001 and 04/24/2001.
01.04.02 Note
Free markets only work when the consumer has a choice of whether to buy or not. In the case of energy supplies there is only one distribution network which leads to opportunities for manipulation of supply. In rental markets with high numbers of people wanting to rent in already population saturated areas the elimination of rent controls will simply raise the rents with no additional housing stock made available. Raising the rents with no increase in unit availability can not be of any benefit to the renters in the area — only the landlords. The general principle here is that the side of the supply and demand equation with the highest concentration of money per person is more able to manipulate the equation to its favor. In an area with a high population density (ie. not a frontier) the side with the highest such money concentration is usually the supplier.
More Berkeley Rents is a response to an idiot's letter. It is truly amazing to me how some people can make the assumption that in a market of limited supply (rental units or energy for example) that a free market model will solve all problems (see note above). [Note to self: spell check first then push submit button, not the other way 'round.]
Power Play Paranoia is a response to a column by Rob Morse which speculates (a bit) on some of the implications of the current "energy crises".
A letter to the editors of the S.F. Chronicle about the projected cost of electricity for summer of 2001.

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