This is a temporary index page for my physics directories. This list and pair of directories are still under construction but soon there will be actual physics papers and links within this directory as well as the links to the UCB Physics items below. For now here are a few links to off-site resources and interesting things.

General Interest Physics Pages

Simple Ideas Inspired By Colloquia, Lectures, Discussions, Etc.

When I attend lectures such as physics colloquia and such one "sport" I try to play is to think of novel, but workable, ideas about the subject material presented. I seem to have a fairly decent "hit rate" in this sport but very few of the ideas actually make it onto a record of any sort (probably just lazy). Here is a very small selection of ideas from the past. I'm going to try to write up more of them for posting.

Be warned though, they are mostly in an unfinished state.

UC Berkeley Physics Pages

General Interest Physics Links

Right now these links are in need of adding, updating, sorting, and ordering...

Physics Reference

Some local science and engineering reference materails (stolen from elsewhere).

Hey look! They let you do this.

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