Hot Spring Map Index by State

Map of All USGS Hotsprings In The Lower 48

Hot Spring maps by state

The state maps are of different sizes depending on the state. They do not show small streets and access roads.

The individual hot spring maps are 0.1 degree squares centered about the spring rendered as 400x400 pixels. These maps show all details available including dirt roads.

For information on how to customize these maps see the instructions page at

Alaska map
(lon=-160 lat=60 wid=40 ht=25)
Arizona map
(lon=-112 lat=34.25 wid=5.5 ht=6.5)
Arkansas map
(lat=34.5 lon=-92 wid=5 ht=4.5)
California map
(lon=-118.75 lat=37.25 wid=9 ht=10)
Colorado map
(lon=-105.25 lat=38.75 wid=6 ht=5)
Florida map
(lon=-83.5 lat=27.5 wid=8 ht=7)
Georgia map
(lon=-83 lat=32.5 wid=5 ht=6)
Hawaii map
(lon=-157.25 lat=20.5 wid=6.5 ht=4)
Idaho map
(lon=-114 lat=45 wid=5.5 ht=8)
Massachusetts map
(lon=-71.5 lat=41.75 wid=3.5 ht=2.5)
Montana map
(lon=-109.5 lat=46.25 wid=9 ht=5.5)
Nevada map
(lon=-116.75 lat=38.25 wid=5.5 ht=7.5)
New Mexico map
(lon=-105.75 lat=34 wid=6.5 ht=6.5)
New York map
(lon=-75.25 lat=42.5 wid=7 ht=5.5)
North Carolina map
(lon=-79.5 lat=35 wid=8.5 ht=3.5)
Oregon map
(lon=-120.25 lat=43.75 wid=6.5 ht=5.5)
South Dakota map
(lon=-99.75 lat=44 wid=6.5 ht=4.5)
Texas map
(lon=-99.5 lat=30.5 wid=13 ht=12)
Utah map
(lon=-111.25 lat=39.25 wid=5 ht=6)
Virginia map
(lon=-79.5 lat=37.75 wid=7.5 ht=4)
Washington map
(lon=-120.25 lat=47 wid=6.5 ht=4.5)
West Virginia map
(lon=-80 lat=38.5 wid=4.5 ht=4.5)
Wyoming map
(lon=-107.25 lat=42.75 wid=6 ht=5)
Wyoming map (northwestern corner)
(lon=-107.25 lat=42.75 wid=6 ht=5)

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