Photo Archive

  • Photos of the gasoline tanker truck crash aftermath in Emeryville, CA on April 29, 2007. Mmmm, melty steel, what a mess.
  • Photo shoot of the Ellis-Olson Mortuary in Albany, CA on January 14, 2002. This tour was arranged as one of the initial steps in the process of buying the mortuary for use as a social club. Again, please forgive the quality of the shots - we were rushed for time and technologically challenged.
  • A Day at McClellan AFB: I went out to McClellan Air Force Base and shot a few photos of more old aircraft including a tour of the insides of a Lockheed Constellation early warning aircraft. This tour is in a rough stage right now but may be amusing anyway.
  • Road Trip '99 solo motorcycle tour of the USA un-retouched photos or travelog photos (some have been color corrected because of the low quality of the Quicktake 200 camera).

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