David's Road Trip '99

Atomic City Bar

My summer vacation...

I devised a few themes for the trip during the planning stages since even though I needed a mental vacation it would need to be "wrapped" in the form of a tour. Here are the themes that I came up with before the trip (they are all pretty geeky):

I managed to find at least a few places to visit from each of the categories but the trip was mostly a random sampling of what one finds out there on the road.

There are several parts to the Road Trip '99 pages:

Too many Harleys

Well now it's the beginning of summer 2001 and I've noticed quite an increase in traffic to my Road Trip '99 related pages. I hope people are finding things of interest in these pages and can put the reviews and equipment suggestions to good use on their own trips. If you have any suggestions for my pages or comments or an interesting road trip story drop me a line. My address is david at the domain of this site.

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