Photos from Week 2

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Bisbee Inn. I stayed here while in Bisbee
31.44257 N, 109.91358 W
Lavender Pit / Queen Mine. Switchbacks going down into the pit. Remember, these are for giant mining engines and they are huge.
31.43620 N, 109.90036 W
The bottom of the pit mine. God damn huge as Meteor Crater! I need a wider lens for my camera.
31.43620 N, 109.90036 W
Missiles at the White Sands Missile Test Range
32.38540 N, 106.47832 W
More missiles at the White Sands Missile Test Range
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Even more missiles at the White Sands Missile Test Range Still more missiles at the White Sands Missile Test Range Flying Saucer like one recovered at Roswell. White Sands Missile Test Range Sign at entry to White Sands. Oooh Scary.
32.42962 N, 106.47133 W
Rock Shop in Bingham. The day I was there, July 14, 1999, was the 54th anniversary of the Trinity test. Photo of Allison & me outside her store.
33.88849 N, 106.37393 W
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Another of same. You can buy Trinitite here.
33.88849 N, 106.37393 W
National Atomic Museum in Albuquerque
35.06527 N, 106.55136 W
Fat Man casing. Little Boy casing.
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A big, fat, early model, implosion type, fission bomb A-bomb backpack Davy Crocket: King of the wild frontier One of the H-bombs that fell out of the B-52 over Spain. Bonk! Bet ya didn't know that Walleye bombs could have a nuke warhead.
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All the parts to a sub launched MIRV ICBM. Titan II ICBM Rear view of Titan II motors. Side view of Titan II motors. B-52 bomb bay "Target in sight! where the hell is Major Kong!".
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One of the tractors for the 280 mm Atomic Cannon. The cannon section. The other tractor. The 280 mm Atomic Cannon in oblique view. Closeup of Atomic Cannon breach
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Row of non-ballistic nuclear missiles
35.06527 N, 106.55136 W
35.06527 N, 106.55136 W
Oil refinery at night outside Port Arthur, TX. Beautiful by night.
29.86748 N, 93.96092 W
Another shot of the same refinery from a different viewpoint.
29.85907 N, 93.96992 W
Oil refinery at night outside Nonco, LA. Looking one way we see a huge flame from a tall chimney.
30.00127 N, 90.35450 W
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Looking the other way we see a veritable city of pipes.
30.00127 N, 90.35450 W
Note about Austin, TX Inside the shop of Stella Dottir in New Orleans, LA. She sells very interesting hand made gothic clothing
29.93243 N, 90.07475 W
Outside the shop of Stella Dottir in New Orleans, LA.
29.93243 N, 90.07475 W
A bolt of lightning from a sudden storm. A couple of blocks north of Stella Dottir's store.
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The Crystal. One of New Orleans' only gothic/industrial hangouts.
29.96084 N, 90.05824 W
Lookin' for Sam & Max at a Stucky's
30.56816 N, 87.03247 W.
Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin AFB near Longwood Florida. Too bad I got there just at closing time. SR-71 nose view. Bet ya didn't know they have an air intake in the nose (it's the pitot tube and it's about an inch in diameter).
30.46590 N, 86.56133 W
SR-71 canopy. SR-71 nose landing gear. Unlike at Pima you can just walk right up and touch it.
week 2 photo 49
SR-71 side view with museum in back
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