Photos from Week 3

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Mig 21 at the Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin AFB near Longwood Florida.
30.46590 N, 86.56133 W
Rear oblique view of the SR-71 showing this particular specimen's extended "Big Tail" which was used for electronic warfare testing. This one is unique.
30.46590 N, 86.56133 W
Manatee Spring. Looking down stream
29.49000 N, 82.97722 W
Manatee Spring source pool
29.49000 N, 82.97722 W
The Atlantic Ocean. At the end of Hwy 92 is Daytona Beach
29.22204 N, 81.00510 W
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Saturday night fireworks at the Daytona Beach pier (I ran out of batteries for the finale)
29.22725 N, 81.00478 W
I got caught in a sudden thunder shower while driving on Highway 95. I took shelter under an overpass and shot some photos of lightning. The storm is still a ways down the road but it's coming closer quickly.
30.92576 N, 81.68600 W
Getting dark and very loud with thunder Now the storm is right on top of me and there is much electrical activity There must be an elevated piece of ground or other obstacle over there because it keeps getting struck by non-forking bolts
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See what I mean And once again And there it goes past me Falling Springs hot springs water fall in profile view showing the fall
37.86799 N, 79.94936 W
Falling Springs hot springs water fall in oblique view showing the cliff wall.
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Douthat camp ground has a lake and the lake has a dam
37.90240 N, 79.80293 W
Covington Industrial Salvage has a great selection of ancient Honda motorcycles
37.77198 N, 79.94981 W
On a whim I stopped at the Air Force Museum (I didn't catch the make & model of most of craft in the museum but I'll label the ones that I Know.)
39.78100 N, 84.11218 W
A cluster of WW I aircraft A german WW I aircraft with barrage balloon in background
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Sopwith Camel Early float plane "Pea Shooter" Hawker Hurricane Goblin parasite fighter with B-36 in background
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Goblin parasite fighter Side of the B-36. It's just so fuckin' huge Inside B-36 forward bomb bay looking aft Inside B-36 fore bomb bay looking forward Inside B-36 aft bomb bay looking forward
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View of B-36 tail from under port wing View of B-36 from just aft of starboard wing (from as far away as I could get) Fw-190 with early guided air-to-air missile A-20 P-61 Black Widow
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P-61 Black Widow "Bockscar". The B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Me-109 (K type I think) The starboard side of the Me-109 showing the diorama they have set up The B-36 starboard front (again from as far away as I could get)
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Deep penetrator bomb used in the Gulf War (note the seeker head) F-94C Starfire Grumman X-29A Catalina. This is what I want for my birthday / Christmas. Catalina again
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