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ASMRB House Rules

Version 1.5
January 9, 2000

6.0 Time to Target

If a moving target is fired on with a weapon having an arrival delay of more than 1 second, and the target's motion is relatively predictable within the period of the delay, then an OCV penalty is applied, figured as follows:

OCV penalty = log2(delay, seconds)

If the target's motion is unpredictable within the delay period, then the attacker will have to choose a particular hex to engage.

Example: an 81mm mortar crew is firing on a railway locomotive at a range of 2000 meters; the locomotive is moving at 40 kph (10 meters per second). The locomotive's speed gives it a minimum DCV of 4. At 2000 meters range, an 81mm mortar shell has a flight time of approximately 30 seconds - thus subtracting 5 from the firing crew's OCV.

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