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ASMRB House Rules

Version 1.5
January 9, 2000

14.0 Damage Ignorance

Damage Ignorance is purely a function of mass, and is determined by the following formula:

Damage Ignorance, pts. = log2(mass, kg / 100 kg)

Damage Ignorance is subtracted from the Body of attacks which penetrate a target's defenses, except in the case of attacks which affect the target based on multiples of BOD; when resolving those attacks, Damage Ignorance is added to the target's BOD.

For purposes of determining Stun from Killing Attacks, Damage Ignorance is subtracted from the rolled damage before applying location modifiers and defenses. When determining Normal Stun, remove the largest remaining die from the roll for each point of Damage Ignorance, before defenses.

This game mechanic might not be applied to objects smaller than 100 kg mass, at the referee's discretion (they have it hard enough already), and may not work too well for large objects with substantial internal subdivisions with appreciable DEF values (such as battleships, for example).

Example: while time traveling, Billy Joe Gotez shoots a 1600 kg Bardelot, a sort of saber-toothed Arctic rat of the far future (BODY 18, CON 18, STUN 42, 12 PD, 3 DEF/Speed Ø skin & gristle, 4 points Damage Ignorance, and Pain Resistance), in the head with his .44 Magnum (2d6 damage, Speed Class 1, Piercing 4, +1 Stun Mod). He rolls a 9 for the damage.

Due to the Speed Class difference and the Piercing value of the bullet, the Bardelot will receive no benefit from its DEF. The creature takes (9 - 4) x 2 = 10 Body damage, and ((9-4) x (5+1)) - 12 = 18 Stun. The creature is not Stunned or Knocked Out; however, it was Impaired . . . Note that without the Damage Ignorance rule in place, the Bardelot would have taken 18 Body and 42 Stun, and would be pretty likely instantly dead.

Example: the mage Unsug the Obnoxious attempts to Transform the aircraft carrier Enterprise (89,600 tons mass, 19 Damage Ignorance, 13 BODY) into a shark. Unsug does 52 points of Transform, which must exceed the BODY + Damage Ignorance of the ship by a multiple of 2 for success, and thus fails.

Creatures with Damage Ignorance which are subjected to whole body radiation attacks (such as those caused by atomic weapons) should add half of their Damage Ignorance to the number of DC for the roll for Body taken directly; this does not affect the Stat Reductions caused by radiation, however.

Example: due to a nearby atomic explosion in downtown Tokyo, the rampaging monster Gothmog (1200 tons, 13 Damage Ignorance) is subjected to DC 12 radiation: it will take 25 dice of damage from this; it can apply the better of its PD or ED to the Stun only.

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