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ASMRB House Rules

Version 1.5
January 9, 2000

9.0 Automatic Fire

9.1 Weapon Accuracy Bonuses During Automatic Fire

Most weapons conducting automatic fire do not get any positive basic OCV bonus from accuracy. Exceptions are salvo fire weapons, and weapons using some stabilizing equipment or system: bipod, tripod, ring or yoke mount, or gyroscopic stabilization, for example.

Example: Zhenia Gorkova is firing a silenced M11/9mm Ingram submachinegun at an executive bodyguard 6 meters away; the bodyguard has a DCV of 4. She has an OCV of 9 from DEX and skill levels. The weapon is listed as having a -1 per 2" Range Mod, +1 OCV accuracy, and fires 20 round bursts. On autofire, when not braced or set, the weapon will be -1 per 1", with no OCV bonus from accuracy. Thus Zhenia will be down 2 OCV for range, up 6 OCV for the rate of fire, for a net +4 OCV; she will have a total OCV of 13 on the bodyguard, making her 9 up. She needs a 20 or less to hit, and gets another hit for each point she makes the attack roll by. Rolling an 11, she hits the bodyguard 9 times.

9.2 Rate of Fire

Use the following table for the effects of various rates of fire (given in rounds per minute):

Rds. FiredMin. RPMOCV# of hitsRange Modnotes
3150+01 per 3halved 
3300+01 per 2halvedcontrolled burst
5300+21 per 2halved 
10600+41 per 2halved 
201200+61 per 1halved 
402400+81 per 1halved 
804800+102 per 1halved 
1609600+122 per 1halved 
32019200+143 per 1halved 
31800+01 per 1normalsalvo fire
53600+02 per 1normalsalvo fire
107200+03 per 1normalsalvo fire

'Salvo fire' is possible only with weapons which mechanically fire the listed rounds before the recoil has been transferred to the attacker. Currently, only the experimental G11 rifle uses this method of operation.

Example: Arlan the cyborg vampire hip-fires an M134 Minigun (operating at 4000 RPM) at an escaping vampire-hunter. Arlan has a DEX of 23, and 3 combat levels which apply to this weapon; he is, however, unfamiliar with its operation. The vampire hunter is 20 hexes away, and has a DCV of 5. The M134 Minigun has a OCV bonus of Ø, and -1/4" Range Mods; it has no sights. Arlan is easily strong enough to fire the weapon. Firing a 40 round burst, Arlan's Range Mod is halved to -1/2", for a -9 penalty to OCV. Arlan's OCV total is therefore 5 (from DEX) + 3 (from skill) - 3 (from unfamiliarity) + 8 (from Autofire at 4000 RPM) - 9 (from Range Mods) = 4. Thus his attack roll is 10-. Arlan rolls a 7 and obtains 3 hits on his latest victim; with the same die roll, if he had been familiar with the weapon and had Braced (for x2 Range Mods), he would have gotten 11 hits.

9.3 Autofire into Several Hexes/Suppression Fire

This combat maneuver allows characters firing automatic weapons to 'hose down' an area with bullets; any target in the area being fired into may be hit. If the character declares 'Suppression,' this attack continues each segment until the character's next phase. To conduct this attack, the firing character designates an arc of hexes, and figures all attack modifiers (from range, autofire, etc.) at the important ranges; in addition, there is a modifier based on the arc width at any given range:

Arc WidTH (hexes)1248163264etc.
OCV Modifier-4-6-8-10-12-14-16etc.

This attack can still achieve multiple hits if the attack roll is made sufficiently, as per standard autofire.

All 'autofire into several hexes,' whether for 1 or more segments, is conducted at the end of the segment (DEX Ø). The firing character may choose to designate individual targets for immediate resolution (at the attacker's DEX), or for avoidance, at a cost of -2 OCV per designated target, applied to all the attack rolls being made that phase by the firing character.

Example: the Chai Fa Souliapon, mystic Thai adventurer, fires her M2 carbine (+1 OCV, -1/4" Range Mod, fires 10 rd. bursts) at a group of onrushing tong members 3 hexes away, in an arc 4 hexes wide. Her own OCV from DEX and skill levels is 6; the tong members have DCVs of 5. Her OCV for this attack will be 6 (from DEX & skill) + 0 (weapon OCV on auto) - 1 (from Range Mod, halved for autofire) + 4 (for 10 round burst) - 8 (for 4 hex wide arc) = 1. Souliapon's attack roll for each target is 7-; each 2 points she makes the attack rolls by results in another hit on a tong member.

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