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ASMRB House Rules

Version 1.5
January 9, 2000

15.0 Vehicle Penetration Tables and Damage Modifiers for Vehicles

See the attached generic examples for the format employed in presenting penetration tables. These are constructed as follows: entries 3 through 15 are always 'no effect;' the remaining entries above 15 are equal in number to the total of the vehicle's BODY and Damage Ignorance. This total can be juggled by 1 or 2 points as needed, so as to be able to divide the entries above 15, and below the last entry, into 3 equal groups: minor damage, major damage, and critical damage. The last entry on the table is always 'subtract 1 from the penetrating DC, and roll twice with the new penetrating DC.' Note that any crew member or passenger taking multiple damage effects from a single penetration is only affected by the attack with the highest DC.

For any results on the penetration table lower than 16, or for any minor damage, or for any result of crew, cargo, passengers, hangars, void structure, etc., halve the amount of Body taken after armor and Damage Ignorance.

Note that Damage Ignorance is not applied to the 'penetrating DC' for purposes of rolling on the penetration table, but Stun Modifiers are.

Example: the aircraft carrier Enterprise (89,600 tons mass, 19 Damage Ignorance, 13 BODY) will have a penetration table ending approximately at 15 + 19 + 13 = location 47; the actual chart ends at location 46, so that entries 16 through 45 can be divided evenly by 3. The minor, major, and critical damage sections will each have 10 entries. A 2000 pound bomb explodes inside the vessel (thus ignoring DEF), for 23 points of damage, with a +2 Stun Mod. After applying the 19 points of Damage Ignorance, 6 Body is done to the ship - unless cargo, crew, etc. are struck, in which case only 3 Body would be done. The penetration table will be consulted using 3d6 + 25, resulting in entries ranging from 28 (a major damage entry) to 43 (a critical damage entry).

Example: a Curtiss C-46 Commando transport airplane is hit four times by a12.7mm DshK38 machinegun. The Speed Class and Piercing of the machinegun's bullets negate any armor value the aircraft has. The bullets do 3d6K damage, with a +1 Stun Modifier. The plane has 16 BODY and 8 points of Damage Ignorance. The damage effects are resolved as follows:

Dmg rolled3d6+ DCPen+ Stun Mod= totalChart ResultBOD lost
1013+ 10+ 1= 24major cargo (x1/2)1
117+ 11+ 1= 19minor engine (x1/2)1
1212+ 12+ 1= 25major structure4
138+ 13+ 1= 22minor system (x1/2)2
      8 total Body

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