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ASMRB House Rules

Version 1.5
January 9, 2000

10.0 Tracers

Attacks conducted with tracer ammunition are considered `Set' once more than two tracers are fired as part of a single autofire attack, or a continuous suppression fire attack.

Example: Dietrich has Braced, and is shoulder firing a Stoner Mk 23 machinegun at a fleeing VC suspect 300 meters away. He has an OCV of 9 from DEX and skill levels. Every fourth round in his linked ammunition is a tracer, and the weapon fires 10 round bursts due to its 750 RPM operating rate. The weapon is listed as having a -1 per 5" Range Mod, +1 OCV, and a standard sight. Since he is autofiring, the basic OCV bonus of +1 is ignored. The sight, however, adds +1" to range mod and +1 OCV when the firer is Set or Braced. Thus the attack will be conducted with a -1 per 28" Range Mod; at 150 hexes distance, he will lose 5 OCV from range, but gains 2 OCV from the Set and Brace. Dietrich's final OCV for the attack is 6. The victim of his attack has a DCV of 3; thus Dietrich needs to roll a 14- to hit, and will get an additional hit for every 2 points he rolls under this number. He rolls a 10, and gets three hits.

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