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ASMRB House Rules

Version 1.5
January 9, 2000

8.0 Double Fire

Characters conducting Double Fire are at 1/2 DCV, and fire at -2 OCV on each target. Double fire takes a full Phase to accomplish. Single action revolvers may only Double Fire if the character makes a Fast Draw skill roll.

Example: Jesus Morales, with a DEX of 20, is threatened by a nearby surly biker, and double fires on him with a Glock 22 pistol. Jesus has an OCV of 10 from DEX and skill, and a DCV of 7; the weapon provides +1 OCV due to its accuracy bonus, and has a -1 per 3" Range Mod. The biker is 2 hexes away, so no range penalties are taken. Jesus's OCV on the biker is 9; his DCV is halved to 4.

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Document last modified Friday, June 01, 2001