Index of ASMRB Game Docs.

Rule Modifications

Welcome to the Arne Saknussemm Memorial Revolutionary Brigade (ASMRB) directory at Here you will find some of the ASMRB rule modifications for Hero System games that we play. Some of them are also available in PDF format in case you want to print them out on paper or keep self-contained electronic copies.

All documents found within this directory tree are copyright ASMRB Rules Adjustment Comity unless noted otherwise. Michael Blum wrote just about all the documents and examples while I'm responsible for the "theory" behind the rule modifications as well as the HTML translation and formatting.

Visit the Yahoo! Clubs ASMRB page or the official ASMRB web site for more information about who these foolish gamers are and what they're up to.

Support Docs. & Reference Materials

Here you will find a collection of documents that may be useful in making determinations of how to represent real world capabilities in game rules. Such questions as "What is the appropriate (game) skill level for a qualified (real world) expert in this or that?" may be answered here (a few now and more later...).

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